Hangr believes in local businesses so we help them survive in the 21st century

At Hangr, we understand the role that local businesses and local business owners have on their communities. Instead of taking advantage of these businesses, Hangr has decided to support them.

It's time to help these businesses adapt to the ever-changing mobile market.

We've created tools for local businesses that allow them to ditch their old, expensive technologies, replacing them with new, intuitive mobile apps. We not only support the business, but we offer tools for everyday customers to streamline their daily life.

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We create the best solution for you and your business.

We work with industry experts and every-day drycleaners to help inform our newest features and future directions. We realize we may not always have the answer, but we know our industry partners will make sure we're doing what's best for businesses around the world.

We also understand that end-customers are crucial to making sure that your business thrives, so we strive to meet their needs with the tools you need. We're here to make everybody happy!

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